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In B.B. Polar, the aim of the scientific project is to use polar marine invertebrates as biological archives of the environmental variations of coastal marine arctic ecosystems. Sclerochronology and sclerochemistry tools developed in Brest will be implemented to reconstruct past environmental variations of these arctic ecosystems at different time scales (from the daily to the decadal scales) and at different spatial scales (from the single fjord to a pan-arctic view) by using two bivalves species, Chlamys islandica and Astarte spp. Simultaneously, these research belonging to arctic ecology will be associated to artistic works belonging to visual and plastic design. This project is the occasion for scientists and artists to work together around the climate change issues, transgressing the limits of their own disciplines.


This three years project (2013-2015) is funded by TOTAL FOUNDATION and the FRENCH POLAR INSTITUTE (IPEV).





Coordination : Laurent Chauvaud et Joëlle Richard (LEMAR/ IUEM)