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Neanthes nubila (Quatrefages, 1865): a discrete polychaete in Brittany maerl beds and Zostera marina beds (Le Garrec V.)

Northern distribution of molluscan species offshore Brittany I. Ranella olearium (Linnaeus, 1758) (Le Duff M. & Grall J.)

New data regarding the northern limit of distribution of Onuphis eremita (Audouin & Milne Edwards, 1833) (Quillien N., Le Garrec V. & Grall J.)


Present distribution of the introduced red alga Heterosiphonia japonica Yendo (Dasyaceae, Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) in Brittany (Derrien-Courtel S. & Le Gal A.)

Can meiofauna be a good biological indicator of the impacts of eutrophication caused by green macroalgal blooms? (Carriço R., Zeppilli D., Quillien N. & Grall J.)

First record of Armandia cirrhosa Filippi, 1861 (Annelida: Polychaeta) in Brittany (France) (Le Garrec V.)

Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846) a worrying recent find in southern Brittany (Le Duff M., Cadiou S. & Grall J.)

One hundred years later: a new report of Macoma balthica (Linnaeus, 1758) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in the bay of Brest (Hily C.)

Promoting the submarine sediment map of the coasts of France at 1:100,000. A tribute to André Guilcher (1913-1993) (Glémarec M.)

Lithophyllum spp. form unusual maerl beds in the North East Atlantic: the case study of L. fasciculatum (Lamarck) Foslie, 1898, in Brittany (Peña V., Barreiro R., Hall-Spencer J.M. & Grall J.)

Third record of the gastropod Calliostoma conulus (Linnaeus, 1758) offshore Brittany (Le Duff M. & Grall J.)

First record of the nonnative gastropod Nassarius corniculum in Brittany (Gully F., Cochu M. & Delemarre J.-L.)


Akanthepsilonema oceanopolis sp. nov. (Nematoda: Epsilonematidae), a new free-living marine nematode from the Condor Seamount (North-East Atlantic Ocean) (Zeppilli D., Bongiorni L., Decraemer W. & Vanreusel A.)

First record of the non-native species Grandidierella japonica Stephensen, 1938 (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Aoridae) in Arcachon Bay (Lavesque N., Gouillieux B., de Montaudouin X., Bachelet G., Bonifácio P. & Simonet E.)

On the presence of the rissoid gastropod Alvania lamellata Dautzenberg, 1889 on the top of the azorean Condor seamount (206 m depth) (Le Duff M., Bongiorni L., Zeppilli D. & Grall J.)

On the reappearance of the European Otter in the marine environment in the bay of Brest, Brittany (Troadec L.)


First occurrence of the red algal species Centroceras clavulatum (Agardh) Montagne in Brittany and in Northern Europe (Le Duff M. &  Ar Gall E.)

First record of Say’s mud crab Dyspanopeus sayi (Smith, 1869) from the Seudre estuary (Marennes-Oléron, French Atlantic coast) (Aubert F. & Sauriau P.-G.)

Contribution to the knowledge on the distribution and the ecology of Cantrainea peloritana (Cantraine, 1835) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Colloniidae) (Le Duff M.)

Stranding of an oceanic puffer fish Lagocephalus lagocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the western channel (Plouguerneau, northern Brittany) (Gager L.)

Chronicles of the Ponant. Climate variability and distribution of marine species in the temperate Northeast Atlantic (Glémarec M.)

First record of the alien species Euchone limnicola Reish, 1959 (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) on the French coast of the North Sea (Dunkirk harbour) (Guyonnet B. & Borg D.)

Contribution to the knowledge of the geographic and bathymetric distribution of Calliostoma leptophyma (Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1896) (Gastropoda, Calliostomatidae) (Le Duff M.)

First record of the nudibranch Spurilla neapolitana in the Iroise Sea (Western Brittany) (Grall J., Serre-Arnoldy D., Serre S. & Quillien N.)



Phytocoenotic diachrony in salt marshes vegetation of the natural reserve of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc (Northern Brittany) (Bioret F., Demartini C. & Géhu J.-M.)

Presence of the alien polychaete Euchone limnicola Reish, 1959 (Sabellidae) in the eastern channel: first record in the Port of Le Havre (France, Normandy)  (Guyonnet B.)

The spread goes on: the non-indigenous species Grandidierella japonica Stephensen, 1938 (Amphipoda: Aoridae) has reached Brittany (Gulf of Morbihan) (Droual G., Le Garrec V., Cabelguen, J., Gélinaud G. & Grall J.)

Identifying Calyptraeidae’s post larvae from the species Calyptraea chinensis and Crepidula fornicata (Jézéquel Y., Carlier A. & Grall J.)



New occurence of Centroceras clavulatum (Agardh) Montagne on the coast of Brittany (Le Duff M., Le Garrec V. & Ar Gall E.)

First record of the non-indigenous species Neomysis americana (Crustacea: Mysidacea) in the Seine estuary (Normandy, France) (Massé C., Chouquet B., Dubut S., Durand F., Gouillieux B. & Dancie C.)

First record of the non-native species Grandidierella japonica Stephensen, 1938 (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Aoridae) along the French Basque coast (Foulquier C., Bogun F., Gouillieux B., Lavesque N. & Blanchet H.)

First record of the gastropod Gibbula albida (Gmelin, 1791) on the Finistère coasts (western Brittany) (Le Duff M., Le Garrec V. & Ar Gall E.)

First record of the aeolid nudibranch Trinchesia genovae (O'Donoghue, 1926) in Brittany (France) (Droual G.)



Updated check-list of the seaweeds of the French coasts, Channel and Atlantic Ocean (Burel T., Le Duff M. & Ar Gall E.)



First record of the annelid Boccardia proboscidea Hartman, 1940 in Brittany (south-western channel, France) (Gully F. & Cochu M.)

First record of the non-indigenous Isopoda Synidotea laticauda Benedict, 1897 in the Seine Estuary (Normandy, France) (Massé C., Gouillieux B., Chouquet B., Durand F. & Dancie C.)

Occurrence of Ammothea hilgendorfi (Böhm, 1879) a pycnogonid from the north Pacific, in Étel river (Le Roux A., Gélinaud G., Le Bail Y., Monnat J.-Y., Morel J.-Y., Paraire O. & Ros J.)

Assessment of the presence of Gracilipurpura rostrata (Gastropoda: Fasciolariidae) along the northern coasts of Brittany (France) (Le Garrec V.)

One-step beyond: northernmost record of Berghia verrucicornis (Costa, 1867) (Droual G. & Bridier G.)