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Innovation Management - Packing and Packaging

Head of the Module Fabienne GUERARD (Professor, UBO)
Type Optional
Number of hours 32

Fabienne Guérard (UBO)/ G. Brayer (LIME), T. Varlet (BreizPack)

Aims The objective follows the theme of biotechnology within a “Preparation for Working Life” framework. The aim is to enable students to gain a more comprehensive view of biotechnology. Aside from the technical aspects, this module will raise awareness and enable students to approach the innovation market, through the example of the products and packaging, develop their curiosity and apply their ideas in this field. Finally, train them to make proposals based on their ideas to help them strengthen projects.
Course content

Innovation management

This topic covers the management of risks and conception of solutions for the future of technical, marketing, organizational and legal fields.

1/ Towards a creative and prospective approach

  • A history of creativity
  • Incentives for development
  • Perception of change
  • The creative process
  • Different creativity techniques: examples and innovation workshop

Work will be done on idea formalization and creation, perhaps leading to product conception

2/ Toward risk management

  • Introduction on successes and failures: examples and data from studies
  • Definition of innovation and its complexity
  • The risks of an innovation approach, questions to ask and tools to implement
  • The 4 ways to reduce risk and manage innovation: product innovation: specific agri-food monitoring; implementation of innovative organization; development of a strategy and culture of innovation

Students will be asked to do a prospecting and monitoring assignment

Example of packing and packaging:

  • Introduction to the packaging (functions, basic regulations...)
  • Introduction to materials and processing techniques
  • Awareness of sustainable development in the world of packaging