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Deep Environments

Head of the Module Jozée SARRAZIN (CR Ifremer)
Type Compulsory
Number of hours 32

Jozée Sarrazin (Ifremer), Pierre-Marie Sarradin (Ifremer), Alexis Khripounoff (Ifremer), Joëlle Galéron (Ifremer), Karine Olu-Le Roy (Ifremer), Laurent Toffin (Ifremer), Anne Godfroy (Ifremer), Stéphane Hourdez (Station Biologique de Roscoff), Marie-Anne Cambon (Ifremer), Brigitte Guillaumont (Ifremer), Sophie Arnaud (Ifremer), Florence Pradillon (Ifremer), Lenaïck Menot (Ifremer), Jacques Clavier (UBO)

Learning outcomes Students will have a synthetic and multidisciplinary introduction to deep environments  including their specific features and diversity.
Aims The course will be taught by members and partners of the Deep Ocean research cluster (Département Environnement Profond)  at Ifremer Brest.
Course content Study skills; organic matter in the deep ocean; bathypelagic fauna and benthic sediment fauna; deep corals; underwater mountains and sponge aggregates; intro sources, bacterial life and chemosynthesis; symbioses and adaptation; epibiosis; larval reproduction and dispersal; spatial distribution and temporal dynamics; ecology of cold springs; methane cycle; population genetics in fragmented areas; human impacts on the deep ocean.