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Tiphaine Pennarun


Project development, Nordex France S.A.S. Following my Licence in Biology of Organisms and Populations from the University of Western Brittany, I was admitted to the first year of the Master in Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment. I was immediately convinced by the multidisciplinary aspect of this course and the content of the curriculum.

I initially wanted to work on coastal development issues and their impact, but as I was unable to find an internship in this area, I decided to concentrate instead on renewable energies.

In Year 2, I was faced with a choice: a laboratory internship on wave energy, or an internship with a private company, a manufacturer and developer of onshore wind turbines... As the internship at the end of Year 2 is essential for entry into the workforce, I decided to move to the Paris area to learn the trade of wind turbine developer (a total change of scenery after my “Bountiles” internship in Port Cros!).

I was hired by the company at the end of my internship on a fixed-term contract, followed by a permanent contract. Since September 2010, I have been continuing to learn, on a daily basis, the ropes of this exciting profession that concerns different fields of activity. My colleagues and many project managers from other companies graduated from engineering schools, but I believe the Master’s degree at the UBO is perfectly suited to this profession. Indeed, we learned during the course to juggle between the requirements of different coastal actors and stakeholders (from those working in the field, to local and regional authorities), and to work on different subjects. And this is precisely what I still do today, in contact with everyone from the local farmer to the Prefect, and working on communication, the study of the flora and fauna, and acoustic studies.