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Jérôme Jourdain


Following a Licence in Marine Biology, I decided to specialize in environmental management via the Master in Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment, a comprehensive degree course that deals with different aspects of the coastal environment, its management and conservation.

I chose this Master’s degree for its strong vocational focus. Not only do the different modules include interventions by professionals, allowing students to enter into direct contact with the workplace, the round tables and business projects carried out during Year 2 also represent a true transition from the status of student to that of professional. This second year also provides the opportunity to carry out a four- to six-month internship at the end of the study period.

Interested in spatial planning and management, I carried out my internship with the regional Brittany offices of the CNPMEM, the national inter-professional organization of maritime fisheries and marine aquaculture. The subject of my internship was the development of a spatialization methodology for commercial fishing activities within a site concerned by Natura 2000 at sea. This extremely valuable experience allowed me to discover the world of fishing and was an opportunity for me to strengthen my professional network.

After this internship, I was hired as Research Officer for a period of one month by the local office of the CNPMEM in Guilvinec. I was then hired as Natura 2000 at sea Project Manager for the CNPMEM for a period of 24 months. Today, I am Project Manager for the fisheries and aquaculture pole of the CNPMEM and work on various environmental issues related to commercial fishing.