Master in Applied Economics with specialization Agriculture, Marine and Environnement / Master Économie Appliquée: Agriculture, Mer, Environnement (FR;EN)

This is a master degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics. The program allows students to specialize either in agriculture economics or marine resources economics. Elective courses relating to Ocean economics, Fisheries Economics, Marine policy, or Bio-economic modeling are offered. The program has basic training in microeconomics, mathematical and statistics tools, econometric and modeling techniques, and conceptual frameworks to address real-life issues.

It is a two year degree developed over two academic years on a full-time basis. The last semester of the Master constitutes a period of initiation to research or to professional activity in which participants work on their Master Thesis.

Key words:Applied Economics ; Marine Resources ; Agriculture ; Fisheries ; Modeling ; Marine Policy ; Environment
Language of instruction: English, Language of instruction: French
Study Cost


Registration fees :

Approximately 460 euros (update in July every year) with social security
Approximately 390 euros (update in July every year) without social security

Université de Bretagne Occidentale Teaching of courses
AGROCAMPUS OUEST Teaching of courses
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