Danto A.


Master 2 student of Ethnology at the UBO, since January 2018, trainee at ApoliMer on the subject "Exploration of the management of biodiversity in the Workshop Area Brest-Iroise".

Graduated from an interdisciplinary Master 2 "Roads to Democracy(ies)" combining history, social and political sciences at the University of Siegen (Germany), I concentrated on the field of environmental governance, especially the integration of local communities in the governance of marine protected areas. In the framework of a master's degree, I carried out my research on the political tools for the improvement of the participative governance of Marine Protected Areas aiming at the conservation of the Marine Natural Park Iroise.
In addition, I graduated with a Master 2 in Regional Studies from the Russian Federation from Lomonosov State University in Moscow and participated in international exchange programs at the State University of New York (USA) and the University of Coimbra (Portugal).
During my participation in the European project (SIMCelt) in marine protected areas, I conducted a comparative analysis of marine conservation strategies between France, Ireland and the United Kingdom and an assessment of the consistency of MPAs at Celtic sea, especially Natura 2000.
My work has been the subject of several publications, including "Towards participatory governance of MPAs: a case study of the PNMI" (2017), "Comparative analysis of national strategies for marine conservation in the Celtic Sea region" (2016). ), "An image of Russia in modern American cartoons" (2014) and "Russia and UNESCO" (2013).