Anatole Danto

Doctorant ApoliMer
ApoliMer coordination assistant, CNRS, IEP Rennes, UMR ARENES, UMR CEBC
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Danto A.


Since the end of 2016, Anatole has started a CNRS thesis in ApoliMer in anthropology and political science on an analysis of "eco-systemic management" as a new mode of territorial governance, carrying out an inter-regional comparison of land/sea spaces . He is co-supervised by Camille Mazé (RTPi ApoliMer/UMR CEBC) and Romain Pasquier (IEP Rennes/UMR ARENES), and is financed by the Brittany region and LabEx Mer.

He holds a M.Sc. in Marine and Coastal Sciences (European Institute for Marine Studies/University of Western Brittany), a M.A. in Ethnology from the same university, and a M.A. in Maritime History from the University of Southern Brittany. He also holds a DEUG in languages and civilizations in German and Russian (two years university level, UBO, 2014), a bachelor degree in geography (University of Nantes, 2013) and a bachelor degree in social sciences (University of Strasbourg, 2015).

His research focuses on the dynamics of fishing societies in the face of political, socio-economic and environmental changes, and on the action of the State at sea. His fields are west of France, the German coasts and the Baltic Sea (Scandinavia, Poland, Baltic States, Russia) and Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

He spent two years as a member of the renewable marine energy WG of the development council of Saint-Nazaire agglomeration, and worked for many months for the ministry in charge of ecology.

He is a member of the cultural network of the RAMSAR Convention and representative of France in the International Council for the Exploitation of the Sea (ICES) working group on history of fish and fisheries.

He is involved in various training courses from L1 to M2, in Brest and Quimper (UBO) and in Rennes (UR1).


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