Biologist within Ifremer since 1994, Pierre Boudry develops research on genetics and genomics of marine molluscs exploited by fisheries or aquaculture. He focusses on population genetics (diversity, differentiation, local adaptation) and genetic improvement (domestication, selection) of bivalves. He published more than 130 scientific papers and was designated as the most productive author in a recent bibliometric analysis of oyster research worldwide for the period 1991-2014. In addition, he is since 2011 head an Ifremer research group dedicated to the physiology of marine fish and shellfish and, since 2012, associate director of LEMAR, a large joint laboratory (CNRS/Brest University/IRD/Ifremer) devoted to marine environmental sciences. Editor-in-chief of the journal Aquatic Living Resources, he has represented France in the ICES working group on the application of genetics in fisheries and mariculture since 1998.