Council and board

The scientific council is twofold: internal and international. The internal council leads discussions and initiates projects on cross-cutting themes. External members advise IUEM on its scientific strategy. The International Scientific Council meets over several days once every two years. The external members of the International Council produce a report to advise IUEM on its scientific strategy.

Internal scientific council

President : Bruno Blanke

Internal Members (12 titular members and 12 alternates)

Thomas Gorgues, Bruno Blanke, Anne Godfroy, Karine Alain, Simona Niculescu, Serge Suanez, Mourad Kertous, Frédérique Alban, Aurélie Penaud, Pierre Bonnand, Matthieu Waeles, Hélène Hégaret, Karine Réhel, Brivaëla Moriceau, Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, Florian Sevellec, Ingrid Peuziat, Éric Foulquier, Emma Michaud, Gauthier Schaal, Julie Perrot, Christophe Hémond, Nicolas Boillet, Cécile de Cet Bertin

NB: The Institute Director and the Doctoral School Director are invited members of the Scientific Council.

International scientific council

President : Catherine Jeandel
Vice president : Bruno Blanke

The CODIR brings together the units, training and observatory directors. It is a place for discussion and construction of IUEM’s policy towards its guardians and partners. It examines the points that impact the strategy and require arbitration (e.g. requests for positions, heavy investments).

IUEM management : Fred Jean (dir.) et Jacques Deverchère (deputy dir.)

Laboratory Dir.  :
Gaëlle Guéguen-Hallouet (AMURE), Cyril Tissot (LETG-Brest), Géraldine Sarthou (LEMAR), Pierre-Marie Sarradin (BEEP), Jérôme Paillet (LOPS), Marc-André Gutscher (GEO-OCEAN), Isabelle Linossier (LBCM, Lorient)

EDSML Dir. : Catherine Meur-Ferec

Master SML Resp. : Guillaume Roullet

Marine observatory Resp.: Sara Bazin & Peggy Rimmelin-Maury

Internal Scientific Council Pres. : Bruno Blanke

ISblue Dir. : Anne Marie Tréguier



Fred Jean

UAR 3113

The Service and Research Unit (UAR3113) has three supervisory bodies: the UBO, the CNRS and the IRD. It provides laboratories with human resources distributed among different departments: administration and financial management, education, IT, international relations and partnerships, communication, graphic design and multimedia production.

Director : Fred Jean


The Executive Board is composed of 37 members. It meets twice a year to review the budget and recruitment policy.

President : Gilles Reverdin

Internal members of the Board (21 people)

Lecturers, teachers and researchers:

  • 6 representatives from the college of professors and equivalent staff;
  • 6 representatives from the college of other teachers and similar staff.

Engineers and administrative, technical, labour, service and health staff:

  • 4 representatives.


  • 2 representatives of the Marine and Coastal Sciences Doctoral School;
  • 3 student representatives from the Masters in Marine and Coastal Sciences.

External members of the IUEM Executive Board (16 people)

  • 3 representatives of local authorities, including:
    • a representative of the Regional Council of Brittany;
    • a representative of the Finistère Departmental Council;
    • a representative of Brest Métropole.
  • 5 representatives of economic activities, including:
    • a representative of the Technopôle Brest-Iroise;
    • a representative of the Centre de culture scientifique, technique et industrielle de la mer “Océanopolis”;
    • a representative of the Pôle de Compétitivité Mer Bretagne-Atlantique;
    • a representative of the Metropolitan Brittany West Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
    • a representative of the Office Français de la Biodiversité (OFB), on behalf of the Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise.
  • 7 representatives of scientific activities, including:
    • a representative of the Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers – INSU *;
    • a representative of the Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer – Ifremer – Brittany centre;
    • a representative of the Observatoire océanologique de Roscoff;
    • a representative of the École Navale;
    • a representative of the Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine – Shom;
    • a representative of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement – IRD;
    • a representative appointed by the Institut Écologie et Environnement – InEE.

1 person appointed in a personal capacity, Chairman of the Board.

* The representative of the CNRS Regional Delegation is invited to attend Board meetings.


The doctoral school has 200 doctoral students. It aims to train specialists who are able to evolve in a multidisciplinary scientific context.

Director : Philippe Pondaven

>>> EDSML website

The SML Master’s degree includes 8 specialities that cover different aspects of Marine and Coastal Sciences: Biotechnology, Biology, Environmental Management, Applied Economics, Maritime Activities Law, Earth, Planet and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Life Sciences, Marine Physics.

Coordinator: Guillaume Roullet

>>> UBO Training Catalogue


The Laboratory of Marine Environmental Sciences (LEMAR) aims to understand the interactions within the marine biosphere. It brings together biologists, physicists and chemists on a variety of sites, from poles in the tropics to coastal areas in the deep ocean.

Director : Géraldine Sarthou

>>> LEMAR website

Geo-Ocean (GO) is a geoscience laboratory covering many topics such as geophysics, geochemistry, tectonics, sedimentology and paleontology.

Director : Marc-André Gutscher

>>> LGO website

The Physical and Spatial Oceanography Laboratory (LOPS) aims to observe and study ocean movements, their relationship to the atmosphere, seabed and coastline, and their influences on life in the oceans.

Director : Jérôme Paillet

>>> LOPS website

The AMURE – Development of Uses, Resources, Marine and Coastal Spaces unit’s field of research is defined as the analysis and economic and legal evaluation of public policies and institutions in the fields of territorial development and maritime activities, resource exploitation and the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems.

Director : Gaëlle Guéguen-Hallouet

>>> AMURE website

The Laboratory of Biolology and Ecology of Deep Marine Ecosystems (BEEP) focuses on the microbiology of extreme environments, such as hydrothermal springs, cold seeps from continental margins and the ocean floor.

Director : Pierre-Marie Sarradin

>>> BEEP website

LETG-Brest’s research activities (Coastal – Environment – Remote Sensing – Geomatics) bring together several fields of geography: physical geography, human and social geography, remote sensing and geomatics, in order to study human-nature interactions in coastal and maritime environments.

Director : Cyril Tissot

>>> LETG-Brest website

The Biotechnology and Marine Chemistry Laboratory (LBCM) is shared between the Université de Bretagne sud (UBS) and UBO. The research carried out there is based on two axes: biofilm – Microbiome and Blue Biotechnologies.

Director : Isabelle Linossier

>>> LBCM website


The IUEM Marine Observatory aims to acquire scientific data (biological, chemical and physical parameters) necessary for understanding the states of coastal and offshore marine environments and their responses to global changes.

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Peggy Rimmelin-Maury & Marion Jaud

Assistant engineer in chemical analysis

Émilie Grossteffan

P2i research engineer

Marion Jaud

Scientific leaders

Christophe Delacourt

Anne Lebourges-Dhaussy

>>> En savoir plus

Technical Coordinator

Bleuenn Gueguen


Rudolph Corvaisier

Fabien Dewilde

Oanez Lebeau


Philippe Nonnotte


Céline Liorzou


Bleuenn Gueguen

Marie Laure Rouget


Sébastien Artigaud

Vianney Pichereau

Scientific leader

Stefan Lalonde

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Erwan Amice


Émilie Grossteffan

Thierry Le Bec

Navire Albert Lucas

Robin Carlier

Franck Quéré

>>> More informations


Jessica Langlade

Scientific leader

Jean-Alix Barrat

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Riwalenn Ruault*

* mutualized ISblue position

>>> *More informations

Graphic Design and multimedia production

Sébastien Hervé

Chargée de la communication et des media

Cécile Nassalang

Animatrice de la communauté internationale

Laure de Montbron *

* poste mutualisé ISblue

Corporate relations and valorisation

Nicole Collas

International Relations Coordinator

Olivier Gauthier

National and international projects engineering (outside the EU)

Jean-Alain Pocard

International Cooperation Officer

Léa Sharkey

European project engineering

Gaël Hamon

European Projects Manager

Justine Roddier

Scientific networks

Dominique Simon

Scientific leader

Fred Jean



Tina Odaka

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Fanny Barbier

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