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New teaching practices at IUEM

An interdisciplinary teaching module

The objectives of this unit are to strengthen interdisciplinarity, the link between students in the different fields of study, to create elements of a common culture and openness to scientific issues and societal challenges in marine and coastal sciences. It also aims to address key scientific questions and current issues in the various disciplines involved in this field.

Flipped classroom

Some Master’s courses use the flipped classroom method to encourage discussions between students, teachers and researchers. This method, which is used in cross-functional mention courses, consists in posting courses and online resources before the course via the Moodle platform. Students then have a few weeks to prepare them and meet in face-to-face classes to ask questions or discuss less understood concepts, case studies, etc.

Oceanographic campain

The floating University is a recurring student boarding operation on the IPEV‘ s Marion Dufresne ship. In each campaign, IUEM was able to share this experience with a few SML master’s students.

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Digital learning

Moodle platform

MOODLE is an online teaching platform. This platform is a support or complement to face-to-face courses but also a tool for distance learning. All SML Master students have access to this digital platform of resources with their university identifiers.

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Premiers pas sur MOODLE


IUEM is at the initiative of e-learning projects beyond university courses. E-learning allows learners to study according to their rhythms without time constraints and without having to travel. Training courses open to all for the MOOC FlotRisCo or for Moroccan students via the SPOC Riscomar. This model allows learning for all, regardless of whether it is for on-site students or for students who, due to distance or a professional activity, cannot be present at the courses.

MOOC FlotRisCo

IUEM offers a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on coastal risks open to those wishing to learn more about marine erosion and submersion risks but also in complementarity with your knowledge of coastal management.

SPOC Scolamar

Within the the Erasmus + Scolamar project for which IUEM is the coordinator, a teaching unit will be set up in the form of SPOC during the first year of Master’s training.


The Pedagogical Innovation Service supports the university pedagogy. A pedagogical engineer accompanies, supports and trains teachers, students and doctoral students in the transformation of their pedagogical practices. It also helps to promote these initiatives.

Riwalenn Ruault

ISblue pedagogical innovation engineer