Image and instrumentation pole

The Image and Instrumentation Pole (P2i) is a IUEM service / platform that aims to respond to the need of sharing scientific equipment, skills and services in the field of marine and coastal sciences.

Its main missions are to:

  • Promote the interdisciplinary use of remote sensing and marine instrumentation in all marine fields (Research, Observation, Training)
  • Pooling scientific equipment between the various laboratories and services of IUEM (Instrumental Park)
  • Pool skills and services in multisource remote sensing (acoustic, passive and active optics) and geophysical instrumentation applied to coastal areas.
  • Propose and ensure training missions on data acquisition, observation methodologies, and internship and research thesis supervision in the field of remote sensing
  • Support research actions common to several IUEM laboratories and involving external partners (theses, post-docs, ANR projects, European…)
  • Encourage interactions with other Brest organizations involved in R&D, in instrumentation and methodologies in marine and coastal sciences (engineering schools, CEREMA, Ifremer, etc.)

Operational manager : Anne Royer

Scientific leaders: Christophe Delacourt et Anne Lebourges-Dhaussy

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