IUEM Research

IUEM is a major actor in French and European research in marine sciences. Benefiting from a privileged environment that brings together more than half of the national potential in this field, its teams are present on all major research issues and work on all oceans. All disciplines studying the marine environment and the activities that take place there are represented: physics, chemistry, biology, genetics ecology, biogeochemistry, geophysics, geology, geography, law, economics, etc.

4 research themes

The research topics are defined by each laboratory, but some problems of interest to several laboratories are grouped together under the name of “research themes”. In addition, IUEM has defined with its partners research topics within ISblue.

The ocean, a major actor in the biogeochemical cycles and climate of our planet

Marine ecosystems and biodiversity

Still unexplored oceanic depths

The coast, a complex and fragile interface