International research laboratories

Through LEMAR, LOPS and LM2E, IUEM is associated with four International Joint Laboratories (LMI) and two International Associated Laboratories (LIA).

An LMI is an operational research and training structure that brings together one or more Joint Research Units (JRUs) affiliated to the IRD and one or more research and higher education institutions from developing countries. The LMI is physically located in the premises of one of the partners in the South, and allows joint training and research projects to be carried out around a common scientific platform (laboratories, equipment, IT resources, documentaries, etc.).

A LIA is a “laboratory without walls” that brings together a CNRS laboratory and a laboratory from another country around a jointly defined project. These laboratories pool human and material resources to carry out the project, which lasts 4 to 5 years. LEMAR and LM2E participate in LIAs.