Facilities at sea

 Scientific diving

It is a research tool widely used by researchers, engineers and technicians working in the coastal field. Several hundred dives are carried out annually by IUEM divers. Most of these dives are devoted to carrying out experiments, collecting living material, taking pictures and videos and installing and reading measuring devices or experimental devices.

Albert Lucas

The Albert Lucas is an oceanographic research boat that allows us to observe the coastal environment in order to better understand its evolution. Inaugurated in June 2010, it is the co-ownership of the European Institute for marine studies and the Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise.

As a station ship, it operates up to 20 miles from the coast (approx. 32km), at an average speed of 10 knots (approx. 18km/h). It therefore operates mainly in the bay of Brest and within the perimeter of the Iroise Marine Natural Park. That is 3,500km² from the island of Sein to that of Ouessant and up to the limits of French territorial waters.

The Hesione

The Hesione is a lightweight 6.15m Aluminium boat (Hard 21). It can accommodate up to 6 people to sail during the day, in the bay of Brest and the Iroise Sea. Equipped with depth sounder, GPS, stem for CTD and Niskin cylinder, it can also be grounded and carry out diving assistance missions. Thanks to its size, it can be used in rivers and towed on trailers.

Coordinator: Erwan Amice

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