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Applications for the SML 2020-2021 Master’s Degree

The SML Master's application campaign will begin in April, according to a calendar specific to each course, which can be consulted on the Ecandidat application site, under the heading "Training offer". To find out more, go to the "Practical…

A unique Master’s degree in France

The Master’s degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences is unique in France. It brings together under the same domain 8 mentions which cover, each according to its disciplinary fields, different aspects of Marine and Coastal Sciences: Biotechnology, Biology, Environmental Management, Applied Economics, Maritime Activities Law, Earth, Planet and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Life Sciences, Marine Physics, etc. This training domain is crucial for the coherence and visibility of an exceptional multidisciplinary thematic offer which is being extended to the scale of the Université Bretagne Loire. Its articulation with the Department of Sea and Coastal Research and the Doctoral School of Sea and Coastal Sciences of the Comue, with strong economic and societal challenges, creates a close synergy between teaching – research – business.The master’s degree, backed by the research laboratories of IUEM and its partners (CNRS, IRD, Ifremer, SHOM, Cedre, CEREMA, ENSTA, IMT Atlantique, ENIB, Ecole Navale), offers the best teaching conditions to train future professionals who are experts in their disciplines and capable of establishing collaborations between natural sciences (ecologists, geochemists, biologists and geologists) and society (geographers, lawyers, economists)”.


The SML Master’s degree focuses on interdisciplinarity in the field of Marine Sciences, but also on internationalisation by welcoming international students, supporting incoming and outgoing mobility and specific actions.

Professional integration

The SML Master’s degree implements actions to help the professional integration of its students.

Continuing education

The SML Master’s degree offers the framework for continuing education “at sea” from UBO to IUEM and offers a complete catalogue.

Practical information

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Most learning paths use the application site E-candidat. You can already create your candidate profile there. Applications will be available in April, according to a schedule specific to each learning path.

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