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The sea and coasts, subject of IUEM research, are also major challenges for jet-societies, through local-scale issues such as coastal zone management or global issues such as the role of the ocean in climate regulation. As a major player in marine sciences, IUEM has the ambitious project of facilitating science-society dialogue on these themes and with a more general perspective. The opening of the scientific world requires communication tools accessible to non-specialists: understanding science-society issues is first and foremost about understanding science. This is the purpose of the Science for All pages produced by the Communication and Scientific Mediation Department and by some research laboratories.

This space is intended to be one of the interfaces between the IUEM scientific community and society. It is intended in particular for the general public, pupils and teachers, who will find information on science at IUEM, as well as more in-depth documentary or éducational resources that are always accessible to non-specialists.

Scientific Papers News

Discover and share to everyone recent scientific articles published by the Institutes researchers.

Here is the purpose of this scientific mediation section. The articles presented come from various IUEM laboratories and fields. Their redaction (translation and mediation) is ensured by a doctoral student from the EDSML as part of his training and evaluation, in partnership with the La Pérouse library.

Latest publications

Our exhibitions

On the occasion of a scientific event or an celebration, IUEM is called upon to organise poster exhibitions on a theme related to its laboratories. These posters can be viewed and downloaded in a reduced format.

These exhibitions can be borrowed free of charge for scientific or cultural events from the Communication and Scientific Mediation office. Transport and insurance are the responsibility of the borrower.

40 years of Amoco Cadiz

IUEM, to see 20 years old

Ocean & Climate connected in change

The echo of the depths: life under water revealed by acoustics

Discoverers, explorers, scientists, researchers

Chemistry to understand the sea

From one sea to another: the marine environment in the face of introduced and invasive species


The purpose of the project is to create, within Océanopolis, a space dedicated to experimentation in marine ecology coupled with an innovative scientific culture project, leading to a close association between research and mediation with the production and dissemination of knowledge in marine science and technology live in a single place. Océanopolis was intended in this landscape as the educational showcase of regional and national oceanographic knowledge and maritime excellence in Brest. As an cultural and tourist facility, it has become the gateway to marine and maritime science and technology for the general public. It is in this exceptional context that the “Oceanolab” project is positioned.

Participation in scientific culture events

Open to the world and society through its research, IUEM is keen to build bridges with non-scientific audiences: students, teachers, the general public…

Events open to the public are an opportunity to meet scientists, who come to explain their work, show their tools and present their results. Next appointments:

European Researchers’ Night

The Science Festival

School projects

Different types of projects are carried out with the school public, in various contexts and on the initiative of teachers or scientists: Doctoral students’ forum, hosting of schoolchildren at the Science Festival, year-round projects with a class, participation in broad national (“Cordées de la réussite”, CNRS Youth “Sciences et citoyens” meetings) or regional (Sciences Passion mer) mechanisms….


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