LEMAR in the south

Marine Environmental Science Laboratory (LEMAR) works widely over the intertropical zone, whether in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia and Oceania, also including the French overseas departments and territories (DOM-TOM). Because of the various origins of our research institutes supporting our laboratory (CNRS, Ifremer, UBO and IRD), our scientific objectives (e.g.,  professors,  lecturers)  can be distinct.

Main aims of this cross-disciplinary axe are:

  • to improve, i) the internal actions management carried out in the South, for a better readability of our scientific activities, ii) the definition of coordinated strategies between the various scientific approaches, but also between the various institutes for replying to their specific requesting;
  • to encourage exchanges and feedback for improving current projects and enhancing new projects, and optimizing the setting-up;
  • to strengthen and initiate our collaborations
  • to contribute to the organization and implementation of specific student training in the countries of the South and over the French overseas.
Map LEMAR in the South

Carte des sites d’étude du LEMAR au Sud