Strengthening governance of biologically and climatically significant areas of the ocean through knowledge of the marine microbiome


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The Plankt’Eco project aims to meet the needs for knowledge on plankton ecosystems and their integration into fisheries and climate research. The program’s purpose is to share knowledge and develop scientific collaborations between countries in South America, West Africa and Europe. This project will contribute to integrated management of marine ecosystems through the production of new monitoring and management methodologies and sharing the acquired knowledge with policymakers and the general public. Plankt’Eco develops management tools to operationalize plankton ecosystem science by proposing a new configuration for prediction models of fishing stocks integrating plankton communities so that they become identified, widely used tools. It will also develop a methodology to identify key ocean planktonic areas that would become a reference tool for monitoring the Ocean’s health. Plankt’Eco implements new techniques and operational observation tools through a platform of imaging equipment in Senegal under the responsibility of a consortium of West African research organizations. The project proposes a series of actions to build the capacities of academic and scientific institutions in the Senegalo-Mauritanian region that borders the Canary current upwelling system. The objective is to develop new research programs to understand plankton ecosystems that are adapted to regional and local stakes. Plankt’Eco develops awareness raising and participatory science activities intended for young people and students using innovative tools to discover the invisible plankton world. The aim is to raise awareness among the general public about the key role played by plankton in the life cycle on Earth.

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Lars Stemmann (LOV, Sorbonne Université)
UCAD, IRD LOPS, IRD MARBEC, Fundacion CMM, Nantes Université, PRCM, BACoMaB, ONG NEBEDAY, AtlantECO, CEODOS, Plankton Planet