Ecotox - expo in tubo

Origin :

It is largely accepted by researchers interested in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems submitted to anthropogenic pressure that chemical contaminants, biological toxins and even, nanoparticles, interact with biological systems, from individual health to more complex levels of the ecological organization. For decades, the LEMAR laboratory has managed national and international research programmes aiming to better understand the environmental impact of this pollution in coastal ecosystems. This expertise has allowed our scientists to manage or get a partnership in several research networks in aquatic ecotoxicology (see links below).

Objectives :

  • Scientific animation
    • sharing expertise in basic scientific fields (chemistry/biology/ecology)
    • funding strategy
    • links with marine environment monitoring facilities
    • partnership with institutes in charge of pollution research or water quality monitoring
    • links with research networks in aquatic ecotoxicology
  • Communication
    • information on grant proposals, job opportunities, …
    • external visibility of LEMAR in this field (recruitment of collaborators and students, others universities, local and regional actors, ….)
    • internal visibility (PhD management, meetings, ….)
  • Academic training
    • involvement of the LEMAR staff in academic education in marine sciences (including new numeric tools)

Animation  :


Organization of the meetings :

Internal meetings every 3 months, including presentations about projects in ecotoxicology. Invited speakers will be scheduled as well.

External links:  Le réseau international en écotoxicologie des milieux aquatiques ECOBIM