Marine Biotechnologies


Linked to the previous one, this is an emerging research theme at LEMAR on which the unit displays complementary skills and unique expertise in the Greater West. In 2015, 18 permanent staff will have research activities related to marine biotechnologies. These questions will be addressed through the triptych “Research – Training – Technology Transfer”. The aim is to use the knowledge acquired on marine biodiversity and chemical ecology to:
● isolate and characterize bioactive substances, and for certain compounds, identify their biosynthetic pathways,
● explore the mechanisms of chemical communication between organisms and their environment, at all levels of scale,
● understand adhesion mechanisms and host-pathogen interactions,
● to imagine the biotechnological developments of tomorrow in innovative fields such as biomimetic approaches
● for the development of biocompatible materials or the emergence of natural products resulting from sustainable approaches, the fight against biofouling or certain pathologies of marine organisms, in particular invertebrates.

The research themes selected aim to:
● encourage the emergence of synergies between the marine biotechnology players in four Labex Mer laboratories (LEMAR/LBCM/LM2E and RDT-Ifremer),
● increase the visibility of marine biotechnologies within IUEM-UBO, and finally
● forge strong links with key players in the economic world, who are identified within companies, transfer and innovation centres and competitiveness clusters.