Study of the DActylospongia MEtachromia sponge resource for sustainable production


Nabila Gartner-Mazouni et Cécile Debitus

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Contrat de Projets Etat – Polynésie française, Volet Recherche et Innovation 2015-2020

Direction des ressources marines et minières de Polynésie française




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Two sponges from French Polynesia present a natural abundance allowing to envisage their exploitation. One of them, Dactylsopngia metachromia, has shown the presence of compounds of interest in human health. Its production must be perpetuated by its cultivation in order to guarantee its availability for the further development of molecules of interest. The ecophysiology of the sponge will be studied in order to optimize its culture. Crop tests will be followed among other parameters by the dosage of molecules of interest.

The second sponge, a species of the genus Haliclona even more frequent and abundant in French Polynesia, has so far provided no interesting molecule. However, research in other fields of valorization is being pursued.

The team


  • Polynésie française :

Nabila Gaertner-Mazouni, Université de la Polynésie française

Raimana Ho, Université de la Polynésie française

Georges Remoissenet et coll, Direction des ressources marines et minières

  • Nouvelle Calédonie:

Eric Folcher (IRD Nouméa, SEOH)

Mahé Dumas (IRD Nouméa, SEOH)

John Butscher (IRD Nouméa, LOCEAN)

Pascal Dumas (IRD Nouméa, ENTROPIE)

  • France:

Erwan Poupon et coll., Université Paris Saclay, Faculté de Pharmacie de Châtenay Malabry

Thierry Le Bec, IUEM, Plouzané

  • Pays-Bas:

Nicole de Voogd, Naturalis biodiversity center, Leiden