Pharmacochemical database of natural substances


Sylvain Petek

Project type

National, International



Project duration

Start Date

October 11, 2010

End Date


This collaborative work tool, accessible via the internet in a secure manner, is dedicated to work on natural substances whatever their origin.

It allows to capitalize, perpetuate and share in a controlled way the data (from harvesting, to isolated molecules, through biological tests, extraction and purification processes) between collaborators of a project, but also to make a restitution to the territories and countries where the studied organisms come from within the framework of the APA (Access and Benefit Sharing) process.

The software is distributed for free under an open source license (HAL-01887126).

New version 2022, try it here!

(Developments: Code Lutin, IRD OCEANS department funding)

New features:

  1. Geographic information systems (GIS) at different interfaces
  2. A more elaborate search interface, allowing:
    • search on data and documents
    • to search by combining several parameters (country, geographical area (from the map), type of documents)
    • to view stations and samples on the map
    • to access documents more easily
  3. Data import modules at all interfaces.
    • As data entry is the main barrier to using/feeding databases, these modules make things much easier
  4. Export modules in formats:
    • CSV: for data tables
    • ZIP: for documents at the search interface level
    • PNG: for exporting maps in image format
    • KML and GeoJSON: to export GPS points from maps
  5. An improvement in rights management:
    • Ability for the creator of a campaign (or project) to manage access rights
    • Possibility for the creator of a campaign to delegate the management of access rights to a “Campaign Administrator”
    • For a campaign, viewing and assigning access rights gathered at the campaign record level

The team

Laboratory Members



  • Adrien CHEYPE
  • Mickael TRICOT
  • Alban DIGUER
  • Elise COSTE
  • Fabrice CHARLEUX
  • Sylvie FIAT

Code Lutin:

  • Benjamin POUSSIN
  • Yannick MARTEL
  • Cécilia BOSSARD
  • Jean COUTEAU