AGD Pélagique

Support for the sustainable management of small pelagic populations



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Sub regional Fisheries Commission

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This project aims to improve data collection systems and scientific knowledge on stocks and critical sites of small pelagics in four West African countries (Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau). This project also aims to strengthen sub-regional cooperation. The exploitation of small pelagics by industrial and artisanal fishing is a major economic and social problem for the countries of West Africa. This fishery often offers significant employment opportunities in the artisanal sector, and is essential for local food security. These small pelagics are also important for the marine ecosystem. However, at present, the lack of reliable data on fish catches prevents the implementation of stock management initiatives. Our objective is to improve the sustainability of small-scale pelagic artisanal fishing and to strengthen governance and transparency in this sector, by:

  • Improving data collection systems and scientific knowledge on important small pelagic stocks and sites
  • Building capacity for efficient management of important sites and sustainable exploitation of small pelagics
  • Supporting the mobilization of civil society for better transparency, and implementing regulations on fishing for small pelagics

Financing 720,000 euros, all components 1,800,000 euros; all MAVA strategies combined 3,500,000 euros.

The team


  • Mika Diop CSRP,
  • Ely Beibou IMROP,
  • Modou Thiam ISRA/CRODT,
  • Momodou Sidibeh GFD,
  • Iça Barry CIPA,
  • Bocar Sabaly Baldé
  • …plus 72 participants