Platform for Chemical Ecology of Marine Organisms

The ECOM technical platform is dedicated to the chemical and biological analysis of bioactive metabolites produced by marine organisms to adapt to their environment, as well as to their valorisation in human and animal health and in other technological sectors. Chemical ecology is a multidisciplinary field of research, which involves a diversity of scientific and technical approaches, aimed at studying the interactions between organisms and their environment, mediated by molecules in all their diversity and complexity. The ECOM platform brings together the expertise of natural substance chemists and marine biologists to decipher this language of nature, using a range of instruments for extraction (ASE), purification (HPLC-UV-ELSD) and identification of bioactive metabolites (SM and UBO NMR spectroscopic facilities), as well as the evaluation of their biological activities internally or in collaboration with other researchers, according to the targets involved.

Members of the cluster