Assessing ocen legal protection using AI


Marie Bonnin

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Project duration

Start Date

August 1, 2023

End Date

July 31, 2025


The Nawras Project aims to use artificial intelligence to assess the capacity of the law to protect the marine environment. The aim of this project is to develop a methodology that combines legal science research and artificial intelligence research to identify indicators for assessing "where, when and how the law protects the oceans". The innovative method developed as part of this research project operationalizes the use of indicators to measure the role of law in protecting the oceans, and uses artificial intelligence to automate the extraction of legal information. The project is based on the development of joint research work between French and Moroccan researchers, the training of students in the South, and international publications in order to launch a response to an international call for tenders.

The team


  • Jihad Zahir, FSS, Univ Cadi Ayyad
  • Samira Idlallene, FPS, Univ Cadi Ayyad
  • Sophie Lanco Bertrand, IRD
  • Younès Taissir