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Recent advances in bivalve-microbiota interactions for disease prevention in aquaculture

Abstract In bivalves, no clear-cut functional role of microbiota has yet been identified, although many publications suggest that they could be involved in nutrition or immunity of their host. In the context of climate change, integrative approaches at the crossroads of disciplines have been developed to explore the environment-host-pathogen-microbiota system. Here, we attempt to synthesize […]

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Sea-Eu programme, Maltese season for LEMAR

In the framework of the SEA-EU project, our Maltese colleagues organised a workshop entitled “Towards a sustainable blue economy in 2030: Exploring opportunities for innovation and collaboration”. This workshop took place in two parts: A one-day presentation (remote event) on 24 June 2021 A 3-day face-to-face bootcamp, which took place in Malta, on the University […]

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Si Quelque Chose Doit Surgir…

If Something Must Arise… Behind this enigmatic title, Jean-Manuel Warnet offers us an immersive experience, at once sensory, literary, poetic and scientific. Jean-Manuel is a lecturer in theatre studies at the UBO, he also teaches literature and directs the company Les Filles de la Pluie. “Si Quelque Chose Doit Surgir…” is a radio creation that […]


Immersion Sciences 2021, with Ika Paul-Pont

Attracting young Bretons to scientific fields of study Our biologist colleague Ika Paul-Pont took part in the 10th edition of the Immersion Sciences operation. Demystifying the idea that young people have of scientific careers in order to encourage them to take up these courses of study after the baccalauréat is the ambition of the Immersion […]