The LIPIDOCEAN platform is specialized in the detailed analysis of marine lipids, in all their complexity and diversity, from the subcellular scale to the ecosystem.

This platform is the result of more than 25 years of research on marine lipids. It is a group of specialists with expertise in the analysis, chemistry and biology of marine lipids, combined with a high-performance analytical fleet. One of the platform’s strong points is the development of original and efficient separation methods. These methods allow to analyze marine lipids with a rare level of detail and at trace level. The analysis of these molecules being of real complexity, the LIPIDOCEAN platform is a relatively leading analytical structure on marine lipids.

The LIPIDOCEAN platform allows the analysis of marine organisms’ lipid composition and the study of the physiological mechanisms regulating this lipid composition. The biological matrices that can be analyzed are varied: animals, plants, microorganisms (bacteria, protists), sediments, seawater, co-products…

Coordination : Fabienne Legrand

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