SML Master’s degree

Marine Environmental Chemistry

Within IUEM, this specialty is linked to the Marine Environmental Sciences Laboratory (LEMAR/UBO-CNRS-IRD-Ifremer) and the Ocean Geosciences Laboratory (LGO/UBO-CNRS-Ifremer-UBS). Both laboratories include about fifty teachers-researchers and researchers likely to participate in teaching and/or offer internships to students.
This Master’s degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences prepares young scientists for a PhD with a strong background in marine and analytical chemistry. It also enables graduates to enter an engineering school program or to work directly.
The professions targeted following the training are diverse: teacher-researcher in higher education, researcher in research organisms, senior environmental executive, expert for state services, project manager for local authorities…
The professional environments that welcome these new graduates are universities, research centres, chemical and/or environmental consulting firms, chemical analysis and quality control laboratories, and public service organizations.

Course of study

Marine Environmental Chemistry

Following this course, the graduate:

  • has a strong background in theoretical and applied chemistry and masters the fundamental concepts of marine chemistry.
  • has specific knowledge in marine biology, physical oceanography and marine geosciences that enable to approach the plurality of mechanisms that govern the functioning of marine ecosystems.
  • has the ability to use and interpret results from modern analytical techniques (Mass Spectrometry, ICP-MS, GC, HPLC, spectroscopy, electrochemical techniques)
  • is able to develop an autonomous scientific approach aimed at responding to an environmental problematic (state of an ecosystem, prediction of its evolution) by implementing on-site sampling techniques, experimental laboratory protocols and by interpreting the data obtained.
  • has a capacity to synthesize written and oral scientific documents.

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