SML Master’s degree

Spaces and Maritime Activities Law

The courses taught in the Master’s programme are based on the research activities of the AMURE laboratory, whose three research areas are:

  • Blue Economy
  • Appropriation and responsibility
  • Socio-ecosystem and territory

The aim of the course is to train high-level lawyers specialising in the law of the sea, the coastline and maritime activities.

The second year of the course is open to work-study contracts or apprenticeship contracts. Most of the teaching takes place at the UFR Droit et sciences économiques 12 rue de Kergoat in Brest.

There are many professional opportunities after completing this course. Graduates can work in the fields of insurance, banking and the sectors of activity covered by all operators (private or public companies) in the maritime sector; in the field of legal advice, studies and expertise; in professional and trade union organisations, maritime social benefit organisations, maritime cooperatives; in the territorial or national internal administration and the Community administration.

They can work as company lawyers or consultants (experts, lawyers after passing competitive examinations); as lawyers in ports, in the fields of renewable energy at sea, maritime and port safety, maritime works, shipbuilders; as project or contract managers (risk management in companies, contract managers in insurance); as agents or brokers (insurance); as project managers or managers in representative or public bodies (e.g. regional fisheries committee, natural marine parks); as legal advisors in the maritime sector (e.g. in the maritime sector); administrative lawyer (after competitive examination) in the State or territorial civil service or in the European institutions.

Course of study

DEAM – Spaces and Maritime Activities Law

The Master’s degree DEAM is one of the eight Masters in the field of “Marine and Coastal Sciences” of the IUEM.

The objective of the course is to train professionals who can be in charge of detecting, analysing and dealing with legal problems relating to the various fields of maritime activities and the law of the sea. They are able to draw up documents for litigation cases, following up on contentious cases, defining, designing and drafting useful documents, legal acts and regulations.

Created more than 40 years ago, this Master’s degree is today recognised as a training of excellence in the field of maritime law and activities. The course is supported by a large network of alumni who put their experience at the service of students (conferences, training). This network also facilitates the search for internships, work-study programmes and the professional integration of young graduates.

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