SML Master’s degree


It ensures the coordination of the biotechnology training offer in the Breton perimeter, bringing the training offer in line with the current structure of research. The training is co-accredited by UBO and UBS and carried out in partnership with the Roscoff Biological Station and the University of Nantes. The multidisciplinary teaching team is based on a strong training-research link, an international visibility of the teacher-researchers involved, and the participation of professionals. The objective of pathways 1 to 4 is immediate professional integration.

This Master’s degree brings the general knowledge and methodologies necessary for the biotechnological development of biological resources, while knowing the business world, the regulatory framework, but also the English necessary for commercial and professional exchanges.

Learning path

The Master’s degree includes 4 courses carried by the UBO (P1) and by the UBS (P2-4), with a local M1 UBS allowing access to the M2 P1-3 and an M1 UBS relocated to the Catholic Institute of West North Brittany (ICO BN) specific to P4 (annex 1). Students from the local M1 will have the opportunity to continue their Master’s degree in M2 P4 and, conversely, students from the relocated M1 will be able to enrol in M2 P2 or P3.

P1 : International Master’s degree in marine biotechnologies

International course at IUEM (UBO) in Plouzané, with an M2 in English. This course is also open to 3rd year students of the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Agroalimentaire de Bretagne Atlantique (ESIAB) as part of a specialisation course.

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P2 : Master’s degree in Biomolecules, Micro-organisms and Bioprocesses

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P3 :Master’s degree in Chemical Ecology

Training entirely provided at a distance, in continuing or initial training.

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P4 : Master’s degree in Products and Process Engineering

Offshore course at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest-Bretagne Nord (Guingamp), in initial or in-service training.

Possibility of professionalization contracts in M1 and M2.

  • Option Food Products Engineering
  • Cosmetics Product Engineering option