SML Master’s degree

environmental management

The Environmental Management (EGEL) course is founded on the skills developed in three IUEM research units: LETG (Coastal and Marine Geography), LEMAR (Biology, Chemistry, Marine Ecology) and AMURE (Law and Economics).

Between 2010 and 2014, 9% of the students completed their studies. 70% found a job in the field of coastal environment. Example of jobs: project manager (cartographer, general environmentalist), biologist/scientific diver, project or mission manager (marine environment, fishing and shellfish farming, marine protected areas, Natura 2000, water development and management scheme…).

With the recent proliferation of texts related to the sea and the coastline management (Grenelle de la Mer, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, French Maritime Strategy), sea-oriented jobs should develop in the fields of maritime spatial planning and marine energies. On the littoral, climate change issues call for skills in the field of coastal risks.

Course of study

EGEL- Expertise and management of the coastal environment

EGEL is the multidisciplinary course of the SML domain. The teaching multidisciplinary content combines five major disciplines (geography, biology, chemistry, law and economics). Local and national socio-professional actors have a major role in EGEL training, particularly in M2 where 70% of them are involved. The courses include 80 professionals for a total of nearly 250 hours (including 200 hours in M2, i.e. 45% of the courses). Some of these interventions are carried out in in-situ, thus allowing students to have a better understanding of the realities.

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