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Maritime Activities Law


SML Master’s degree

Maritime Activities Law

The teaching provided within the Master’s degree is based on the AMURE laboratory research activity, whose three research areas are:

  • Blue economy
  • Ownership and responsibility
  • Socio-ecosystem and territory

The course aims at training lawyers specialized in the law of the sea, coastal and maritime activities.

These professionals will be able to identify, analyse and deal with legal problems concerning the laws governing maritime areas and the various activities of the maritime world (ports, transport, insurance, fishing…).

  • Sectors of activity: insurance, legal advice, legal studies and expertise, professional and trade union organizations, private or public companies from the maritime sector, maritime social benefit organizations, maritime banks, maritime cooperatives, Community territorial or national internal and Community administration (environment, equipment and transport – sea -, fisheries).
  • Types of jobs: company lawyer, business manager, litigation manager, legal adviser, administrator…

Course of study

Law, sea and coastline

The objective is to train professionals who can or should be responsible for detecting, analysing and dealing with legal problems relating to the various fields of maritime activities and sea law. They are able to elaborate the documents of litigious files, ensuring the follow-up of contentious cases, defining, conceiving and drafting useful documents, legal acts and regulations.

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