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Earth, Planet and Environmental Sciences


SML Master’s degree

Earth, Planet and Environmental Sciences

We offer training in geosciences, coastal and marine environment professions through the research unit of the Ocean Geosciences Laboratory based in Plouzané (IUEM, UBO) and Vannes (UBS), in close collaboration with the IFREMER Marine Geosciences Institute.

The expertise of these two units covers a wide range of topics: from coastal dynamics to the evolution of the Earth’s mantle, including the dynamics of rifts, margins, ridges and sediment, paleo-climatic and paleo-environmental recording.  The work is based on a multidisciplinary and multiproxy approach based on instrumental poles: ocean spectrometry pole – instrumental pole in geophysics – pole in sedimentology/micropaleontology/palynology.

The strong points of this mention are the numerous land and sea sites carried out throughout the training, the intervention of high-level researchers from both institutes, the possibility of research internships, among other possibilities, within IUEM, IFREMER or SHOM.

Course of study

Ocean Geoscience (GO)

The Ocean Geoscience course of study is strongly linked to the eponymous laboratory. The graduates of this master’s degree will be able to develop and design research projects, provide expertise and consulting activities within public or private structures in the fields of geosciences and, in particular, marine geosciences. This master’s degree allows students to pursue a doctorate in marine geosciences, particularly in the following fields: margins, ridges, rifts, mineral resources, sedimentology, paleoenvironments, paleo-climates, marine geochemistry.

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Return from field training in the Alps

Return from field training in England

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Coastal and Coastal Resource Engineering and Management (IGRECL)

The IGREC course clearly aims at a non-academic professional integration in the management of coastal and coastal resources among SMEs in the sector, local authorities and large groups whose work affects these environments. At the end of this course, students will have multidisciplinary skills in the management and exploitation of mineral and biological resources, with an understanding of the concepts of risk and vulnerability. These skills will enable them to adapt, anticipate and respond to coastal spatial planning strategies taking into account the European legal and socio-economic framework.

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Educational software

Since December 2018, UBO’s STU (Earth and Universe Sciences) courses have had free access to PETROLEUM EXPERTS’ MOVE software suite, under an agreement signed between the UBO’s Earth Sciences Department and this company. The commercial equivalent of this donation of the MOVE software suite is £1,308,000.00.

This software is the most complete structural geology analysis and modeling “toolbox” available. It provides a complete digital environment to report in 3 dimensions on geological properties and characteristics by reducing the risks and uncertainties of geological models. It is a platform for the integration and interpretation of geophysical data, section construction, 3D model construction, kinematic restoration and validation, geo-mechanical modeling, fracture modeling, fault role modeling and analysis of the relationships between faults and tectonic constraints.

The Earth Sciences Department and the University of Brest (UBO) sincerely thank PETROLEUM EXPERTS Limited for their donation for the free use of the MOVE software suite. This tool will allow us to train our students in Licence 3 (at the UFR Sciences et Techniques du Bouguen) and in Master 1 and 2 (at the IUEM, Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer) to use in the classroom this professional software commonly used in design offices, consulting firms and large geoscience companies working on geological reservoirs. For doctoral students, the databases at their disposal (most often bathymetric data and dense seismic reflection profiles) can thus be significantly enhanced according to the objectives of their thesis work.

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UBO’s Earth Sciences learning path benefit from the free availability of the Kingdom Suite Software distributed by IHS Markit through the University Grant Program, which is updated every year since 2008.

Kingdom Suite software is a worldwide reference for 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and allows the integration of geophysical and geological data offering a wide variety of uses in fundamental and applied research. The software is used in the classroom for Master’s degree courses in Ocean Geosciences and Coastal Resource Engineering and Management. It is also used during sea teaching campaigns and for projects conducted individually by doctoral students at the Ocean Geosciences Laboratory.

The Department of Earth Sciences and the University of Brest (UBO) sincerely thank IHS Markit for the accreditation they have received for the free use of the Kingdom Suite software.

Free and Open Source Geographic Information System

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Programming language for technical calculation, paid software, license acquired at the Laboratory.

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Technical calculation programming language, free numerical calculation software comparable to MATLAB.

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Specilization coordinaor :

Christine AUTHEMAYOU (Send an email)

GO learning path:

M1 : Aurélie PENAUD (Send an email)

M2 : Christine AUTHEMAYOU (Send an email)

IGRECL learning path :

Evelyne GOUBERT (Send an email)