Calculation and data centre for the sea (PCDM)

The intensive use of scientific computing is now at the core of many modern oceanography projects.

This discipline is generally based on modelling techniques which, combined with high computing power, have an increasing number of fields of application: modelling at different scales of ocean circulation, coupled modelling (e. g. hydrodynamics and chemistry), contaminant dispersion models in the coastal domain, etc. In other cases, the mass of data to be processed, when it becomes too large, also requires important computing capabilities such as marine or coastal geomatics, when high-resolution satellite data must be assimilated. This is also the case in the emerging field of marine bioinformatics, for the search for gene sequences. Finally, marine engineering, with fluid mechanics, structural calculation… also generates activities that consume a lot of computing.

The PCDM is open to both Ifremer and IUEM and is accessible to the various partners. It is equipped with a main computer: the DATARMOR.

Coordination : Tina Odaka

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