Host-pathogen relationships


In a context of climate change, the emergence of diseases significantly modifies the dynamics of host and pathogenic populations, but also the networks of more complex interactions at different scales in the ecosystem (species communities or “meta-organisms”, species reservoirs and vectors, food webs …). The fine understanding of the Environment-Host-Pathogen systems requires more and more integrative approaches, which are developing strongly at LEMAR and which will be at the heart of the themes of the new teams. New concepts such as the holobiont, that is, the association between a host and its ecological community of microbes or micro-biomes, require the association of different approaches ranging from microbial ecology to genomics, evolutionary ecology, but also paleontology. Understanding the adaptation processes of pathogens and hosts raises new questions, such as the potential role of epigenetic processes and behavior in evolutionary processes? These prospects for recent research at LEMAR will certainly further upset our paradigms on complex environment-host-pathogen-microbiota systems.