New methodologies for observing the coastal marine environment

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New methodologies for observing coastal marine environments are being developed. Among them is underwater acoustics and accelerometry, both at the individual level (ethology) and the community (ecology, observation, monitoring). This work already largely initiated in temperate environments (in Brest and Rimouski) in connection with the LIA BeBest and the partner INP Grenoble. Already conducted by the LEMAR in Brest, in the Iroise Sea, in the Arctic and in New Caledonia, research in this area has allowed us to study very precisely the metamorphosis, movements and energy that are associated, on benthic invertebrates under stressful, hypoxic, toxic or thermal stress situations. We have strong arguments that this approach, aimed at developing the use of new sensors, brings significant advances in marine ecology of subtidal environments. Passive acoustics offer the enormous advantage of being insensitive to the state of the sea and not being intrusive.