Deciphering multifactorial diseases: the case of oyster mortality


Coordination: Guillaume MITTA (Univ. Perpignan UMR 5244); Task leaders: Bruno Petton & Pierre Boudry (Ifremer-LEMAR)

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Project duration

Start Date

November 1, 2014

End Date

November 30, 2019

Since 2018, recurrent and massive mortalities have affected the spat of hollow oysters Crassostrea gigas. To identify a way out of this health crisis and find solutions for sustainable oyster aquaculture, it is necessary to decipher this complex pathosystem.

It is in this context that the DECIPHER project proposes to develop an integrated multidisciplinary research programme linking the different levels of understanding of the disease. It focuses on the dynamic study of the “holobionte oyster” (host and associated microbiota, including pathogens). It integrates the genetic background of the host, variations in the environment and the history of interactions between the protagonists of this pathosystem and the emergence of the pathology.

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