Responses to emerging pollutants and multi-stress

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LEMAR has a strong research potential in ecotoxicology, within the Brest area, in the framework of collaborations supported with CEDRE and ANSES, and at the national level, with its active participation in the Network in Aquatic Ecotoxicology, and its animation of the GDR PHYCOTOX. We will therefore clearly develop our approaches in ecotoxicology, considering the impact on marine organisms of emerging pollutants (micro and nano plastics), toxic micro-algae, but also the effects of diffuse pollution and multi-stress (chemical stress , thermal, hypoxic) on natural populations in coastal areas. Our approach aims to integrate the new “omics” approaches into ecotoxicology, with the bioenergetics and fitness of organisms. We thus fully subscribe to the exploration of the response of populations to multi-stress, within the conceptual framework of “energy-limited stress tolerance”. (Sokolova et al 2012, 2013). Other works at the interface between ecology, fishery resources and health are developing through the study of the accumulation of heavy metals in organisms.