Biogeochemistry and genomics of silicification and silicifiers

12-15 October 2021

Second Institute of Oceanography, Hangzhou (China) & on line

To further develop an integrative approach that includes chemistry, biogeochemistry, biochemistry, physiology and genomics to better understand biosilicification and silicifiers in past, contemporary and future oceans, the SILICAMICS 3 conference will facilitate once more the exchange of information between scientists from different ‘silicon’ disciplines and expertise, with the aim of moving forward in our understanding of the impact of silicifiers on Earth.
The third SILICAMICS conference is organized by the Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources (P.R. China). It will take place in October 2021 in Hangzhou (capital city of Zhejiang Province, China) and on-line.


  • to enhance interactions among researchers from different disciplines, such as chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, biogeochemistry and genomics, for a better understanding of silicification processes and the role of silicifiers in marine ecosystems
  • to facilitate a constructive dialogue between top-level senior scientists and early-career researchers through a Gordon-like conference format that will provide valuable and challenging opportunities for mutual learning
  • to build a niche for preparing future research proposals to obtain national and international research funding.


After an introduction on the potential role of silicon for building block for life, this conference comprises invited conferences, oral and poster communications, about 7 themes, which include:

  • Past variations in the global silica cycle
  • Updating the Si cycle in the modern ocean
  • Genomic and proteomic tools for silicifiers
  • Pelagic and benthic silicifiers
  • Silica cycle in coastal ecosystems
  • Isotope chemistry providing tools for processes and fluxes
  • Modelling the Si cycle and silicifiers in the modern and future ocean.

Registration and submission of abstracts

Registration fees : information to come

Abstract submission :

The text of your abstract is limited to 350 words and you can include photos or diagrams (in JPG or PNG format), as well as references.

To be sent to Lihua Ran and Paul Treguer


  • 1st June 2021: dead line for submission of abstracts (oral and poster communications)
  • 15 June 2021: decision made about oral and poster communications.
  • 20 June- 20 August 2021: on-line registration

Scientific Committee

  • Kim Thamatrakoln (Rutgers University),
  • Kate Hendry (University of Bristol),
  • Su Mei Liu (Ocean University of China),
  • Manuel Maldonado (CSCIC, Blanes),
  • Aude Leynaert (CNRS, IUEM-UBO, Brest),
  • Brivaela Moriceau (CNRS, IUEM-UBO, Brest),
  • Jill Sutton (IUEM, Brest),
  • Paul Tréguer (IUEM-UBO, Brest),
  • Jianfang Chen (SIO, Hangzhou),
  • Fei Chai (SIO, Hangzhou),
  • Fabrice Not (CNRS, Sorbonne University).

Organising committee

  • Jianfang Chen (SIO, Hangzhou)
  • Fei Chai (SIO, Hangzhou)
  • Lihua Ran (SIO, Hangzhou)