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The “Marine and Coastal Sciences” Master’s Degree was established in 2004 by the Ministry of Higher Education. This course, the only one of its kind in France, fulfils the need for education to support the development of French expertise in the area of marine and coastal environmental science.

We offer training in seven dual-purpose professional and research specialties. While providing high level education in each subject field, our course also prepares future graduates for the collaboration now needed between natural sciences (ecologists, geochemists, biologists and geologists) and social sciences (geographers, lawyers, economists) in the world of work.

The Marine and Coastal Sciences Master’s Degree is taught at the Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (IUEM) [European Institute of Marine Science], itself a department of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO). IUEM thus has direct access to UBO’s numerous research laboratories. The Master’s degree has been designed to take an interdisciplinary approach to the themes of Ocean Sciences, internationalization and employability.

click map SBM CEM Géosciences Brest EGEL Physique marine E2AME DEAM Law, Economics and Management

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