Sea-Eu programme, Maltese season for LEMAR

In the framework of the SEA-EU project, our Maltese colleagues organised a workshop entitled “Towards a sustainable blue economy in 2030: Exploring opportunities for innovation and collaboration”. This workshop took place in two parts:

  • A one-day presentation (remote event) on 24 June 2021
  • A 3-day face-to-face bootcamp, which took place in Malta, on the University of Malta Valletta campus, from 15 to 17 September.

A team of 4 researchers and students from the UBO was selected to participate (based on their background and motivation).

Among them, 2 of our colleagues represented LEMAR:

Charlotte Corporeau for her research actions in biology at the sea-health interface for the Blue economy.
Mariana Ventura, PhD student in marine biotechnology at LEMAR

Also present in the Brest delegation: Jean-Marie Vient, PhD student in marine geology at the Ocean Geosciences Laboratory and Bertrand Le Gallic, Lecturer and researcher in marine economy at AMURE.