Research of marine active ingredients of vegetable origin with anti-ageing properties


Patrice Truffot (TECHNATURE) et Valérie Stiger (LEMAR)

Project type



CR Bretagne, FEDER, Brest, CD 29, Saint Malo, FUI 18


Project duration

Start Date

November 1, 2015

End Date

November 30, 2019


The RIV-AGE2 project develops new marine anti-ageing active ingredients (antioxidant, detoxifier, photoprotector), which may have antimicrobial activity, interesting for the cosmetics and thalassotherapy sectors, and developed from marine plants whose biomasses are not limiting (natural deposits of species not yet recovered, abundant and/or cultivated species), and species whose “stem cells” (gametophytes and/or zygotes) are easily obtained. After an environmentally friendly extraction process, separation processes are carried out to fractionate the extracts in order to obtain new marine assets. The activities (photoprotective, antioxidant, detoxifying, antimicrobial) of the isolated polyphenolic compounds are then tested. Thus, through this industry/university partnership, and these new resources, we hope to bring to market new natural ingredients that may be of interest to the various sectors previously mentioned.

Project approved by the clusters Mer Bretagne and Cosmetic Valley

The team


Patrice Truffot, Céline Cotterel & Anne Mahe (TECHNATURE)

Louis-Nicolas Gombault, Jean-Jacques Schoonjans & Sandrine Decoster (CHIMEX)

Laurence Coiffard, Céline Couteau, Justine Dumay & Michèle Morançais (MMS, Univ. Nantes)

Magali Molla & Jean-François Arbona (C-WEED AQUACULTURE)