Blue Human

BLUE biotechnology as a road for innovation on HUMAN’s health aiming Smart growth in Atlantic Area


Fabienne Guérard, Gwenaëlle Le Blay

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The Blue Human project is divided into three main areas:

  • The valorization of by-products and residues of marine origin through the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering
  • Development of biomedical applications
  • Research into marine ingredients for cosmetics, wellness and health products

These various objectives are achieved in close collaboration with the industrial partners.

LEMAR researchers are particularly involved in the development of marine collagen hydrogels crosslinked & functionalized with polyphenols from macroalgae and halophyte plants. Manon Buscaglia is receiving a thesis grant co-financed by the Brittany region “ARED” and Blue Human to work on this project.

  1. Development of a fish collagen matrix with enhanced mechanical properties by improving its mechanical stability through enzymatic crosslinking. These innovative processes will make it possible to influence the rheological properties and porosity of neoformed gels, which will have to accommodate markers or small bioactive molecules. Understanding the mechanisms of cross-linking and their impact on the three-dimensional network of collagen matrices will be at the heart of the research.
  2. Production of active extracts (phenolic compounds) of macroalgae and halophyte plants whose extraction and dosage techniques we master, and whose maximum production periods in these marine plants we know. Alternative extraction processes will also be sought in order to obtain active phenolic compounds in an eco-responsible and efficient way.
  3. Screening of these extracts for activities of interest (antioxidants, anti-bacteria, anti-biofilm…) in bone engineering. Possible synergistic activities of the tested extracts, and the emergence of bacterial resistance will be sought as well as the maintenance of activities within the collagen matrices. The osteogenic and cytotoxic activities of the extracts will be carried out in collaboration with partners of the INTERREG BlueHuman project.