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Just published!


Scientific knowledge increases continuously through the contributions of researchers from all over the world, who disseminate their findings by means of papers published in specialized journals.

The full-text articles are most often accessible through highly expensive subscriptions to the journals, and even when they are free-access, understanding their content requires a thorough prior knowledge of the field, its vocabulary and its methodologies.Therefore keeping up-to-date with the ongoing research is almost impossible for the general public.

The aim of "Just published!" is to present in an easy-to-read way a selection of papers recently published by IUEM scientists and their co-workers. Each month, a new paper is chosen among their production in such a way as to cover a wide range of subjects and methods among those of IUEM in the marine and costal sciences.

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Parasites and toxic algae, is it too much for the clams in Arcachon Bay?

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