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One sea to another


Globalization is also happening in ecology: mankind transports, intentionally or by accident, thousands of living species across the planet. But some of these species prove to be invasive, and harmful to local ecosystems and economic activities. This represents a major economic challenge for the 21st century and concerns the marine environment, where ecological consequences are sometimes heavy at the local level. In Brittany, like elsewhere, marine and coastal environments are subject to introductions of exotic species. Slipper limpets, Pacific oysters, spartina and Sargassum are some of the more notable examples, illustrating the diversity of situations, scientific questions and challenges to society.

For the International Year of Biodiversity, the IUEM communication and media liaison department held an exhibition of 12 posters on this theme

View a slideshow of the exhibition panels

Download the files (printable in A4 format)

This rubric presents a selection of documents in French providing background knowledge on the problem of introduced and invasive species in the marine environment, and on the species particularly important in France.

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