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IUEM research

IUEM plays an important role in French and European marine science. Benefiting from a unique environment where more than half of the national potential in this field is found, its teams work on all the important issues in research and cover all the oceans of the world. All disciplines that study the marine environment and the activities that take place there, are represented at IUEM: physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, ecology, biochemistry, geophysics, geology, geography, law, economics, et cetera.

Research at IUEM is carried out in the six Joint Research Units (UMRs), an associated laboratory and three International Joint Laboratories (LMIs), through projects and programmes that are mainly funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and European Union.

The research areas studied at IUEM are defined by each of its laboratories, but fields that interest several labs are grouped together under transversal research actions. IUEM and its partners have also defined seven lines of research within the LabexMer cluster.

The research is published in specialized journals, or disseminated though specific media channels, e.g. press releases.

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