Christine PAILLARD

Ecologie des interactions Hôtes-pathogènes. Immunologie. Microbiologie. pathologie

Directrice de Recherche

Christine Paillard, research director at the CNRS, coordinates a research group “Environment-Host-Pathogen-Microbiota Interactions” in LEMAR at IUEM-UBO. She is interested in how environmental factors modulate host-pathogen interactions, with clams and abalones interacting with vibrios as the main model organisms; her interests include ecophysiology, host-pathogen co-evolution, immunology and microbiology. C. Paillard has identified Vibrio tapetis, pathogenic agent responsible for brown ring disease in clams. This pathogen has since been isolated in many species of benthic fish. The mechanisms of host resistance and pathogenicity of vibrios, modulated by temperature, are being explored in a holobionte context, using integrative and interdisciplinary approaches.  Since 2014, she has been working within Lemar and with LM2E to develop an IUEM genomic observatory of microorganisms in the Bay of Brest and Iroise Sea.