Genetic selection of Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum for resistance to brown ring disease


Gregory Charrier et Christine Paillard (LEMAR)

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Européen, Départemental et Régional

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RESIPAL applies genomic tools to initiate marker assisted selection or genomic selection under controlled conditions for tolerance/resistance to brown ring disease in Manila clams. In this project, we also seek to develop non-lethal diagnostic methods for the detection of the pathogen (Vibrio tapetis) in individuals infected in the laboratory, allowing the selection and reproduction of individuals who present resistance traits to this infection. In addition, this experiment will be conducted over several generations, providing a solid basis for the design of a breeding program that can be used in European hatcheries. Finally, genetic gain between disease resistance traits and commercial and production traits will be evaluated in order to balance the gains of this genetic selection. This project is linked to and is based on current research projects such as the European project H2020 VIVALDI in which all RESIPAL partners are involved (SYSAAF, SATMAR).

The team


Pierrick Haffray, F. Enez, Syndicat Des Sélectionneurs Avicoles Et Aquacoles Français (SYSAAF), France Jean François Auvray, La Société ATlantique de MARiculture, SATMAR, France